Friendship Activities

Christmas party & year-end party

The night of December is bright, fun, hot and exciting.

Bamboo picking

Holidays around Golden Week are just bamboo holiday!


The comfortable sea breezes on the cheek awakens the sleeping child's heart.

Karuizawa BBQ party

It is an autumnal natural fulfillment event combined with golf.

Fire side meeting (joint planning of Fellowship & Rotary Information Committee)

It is a meeting where members of a small group gather at home and decide themes and discuss Rotary while deepening friendship including eating and drinking.

New Members Supporters Meeting

It is a meeting that new members plan themselves.

Various tours

A lot of tours have been held from social studies and intellectual curiosity.

Sapporo Beer Factory

Imperial Palace tour

Visit to the National Assembly Building

Akihabara Subway construction tour

Visit to Gion

Kitahara Teruhisa House Tour (Tinplant's toy museum director)

Movie preview room tour tour

Tour of horse race (Fuchu racecourse)

Fellowship hobby party

Sharing time with each other through hobbies to refine human beings ... It is one way of enjoying Rotary Life.

Kabuki club

Golf club

Gourmet party