Club Report

Club Forum & Club Association

The club forum is a club discussion meeting and it is a meeting where members can exchange opinions on Rotary in general.

The club council is a meeting to discuss mainly club programs and activities. In addition to the members of the Board of Directors, the chairperson, other members are invited to attend.

General Assembly & Election (President Nominee and 4 Board members)

At the beginning of December we will have elections for the chairman of the next fiscal year and the directors of the next fiscal year.

Dinner meeting

It is fashionable and cheerful regular meeting.

State of the lecture

Sanyutei Yushirou, Rakugo "Matsuyama-Kagami"

Junko Koshino

Kichiemon Nakamura & Riyoko Ikeda talk show

State of a little unique lecture

The room of Machiko

Scotland traditional costume

Year-end report to speak at a play

Ink painting classroom

Initiation Speech

Initiation speech is a new member's self-introduction speech.

Club's 10th anniversary & 15th anniversary celebration

Club celebrations 10th anniversary celebration

Club celebrations 15th anniversary celebration