Club Infomation

Overview and Features

Founded May 18, 1994
Approval June 14, 1994
Area Rotary International District 2750
All over Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Number of members 27 (as of September 14, 2022)
(Gender ratio: 18 male members and 9 female members)

1F A-B Building,
3-1-30, Roppongi Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 106-0032
Tel (+81)-3-3585-8275
FAX (+81)-3-3585-2220



1. Have a open minded, club management.

2. constituted young membera and maintain young spirits.

3. Realized man and woman equal numbers.


“Blue” is a rotary color international.
“Red” and “White” are Japan.
“Red” is a female member.
“White” represents a male member.

Founding Episode

Letters from Margaret Thatcher

To everyone of the Rotary Club of Tokyo Jingu

The “spirit of service” that everyone is regarded as ideal,
It is wonderful to be accepted by every citizen, ethnic group all over the world.

Margaret Thatcher
October 16, 1994

*In the founding period of the club, Margaret Thatcher (Message from the British first female prime minister who was told “Women of Iron”)

Organization’s general meeting
(May 18, 1994)

Charter night
(May 30, 1995)

Introduction of affiliated clubs

Parent club

Rotary Club of Tokyo Harajuku

Rotary Club of Tokyo Harajuku

Founded: April 17, 1985

Child club

Rotary Club of Tokyo Hiroo

Rotary Club of Tokyo Hiroo

Founding: December 14, 2000

Features: We once a week in both Japanese and English bilingual languages. By acting bilingually, foreign members deepen their understanding of Japanese, Japanese culture and Japanese society, and Japanese members are expanding their vision towards the international community.
It is one of the attractions of the Tokyo Hiroo Rotary Club that exchanges across borders, sex, age, and occupation. (From the homepage · club overview)

Sister club

Rotary Club of Taipei Metropolitan

Rotary Club of Taipei Metropolitan

Founding: 2007

Support Club

Rotary Club of Tokyo Yoneyama YUAI

Rotary Club of Tokyo Yoneyama YUAI

Founding: February 11, 2010

Features: “New generation club” gathering members of “multinational” centered on OB, OG organization (Yoneyama alumni) of scholars from Asia (Yoneyama scholarship student).
Goal: We will aim for a club that mutually respects all diversity such as nation, ethnicity, religion, etc. with the heart of “fraternity”, and develops activities that connect the world. (Extracted from the words of Yang Jinhua first president)